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World Martial Arts Training Center was established in 1997 in Ohau Hawaii.  We teach an electic Martial Arts system that works to
improve the body and the mind.  Our students grow through the history and philosophy of the martial arts and the teachings of the
Master Donna Ray. Their commitment to training helps shape who they are throughout their lives.  Our motto is Excellence for Life and
our goal is to provide our students and their families with the tools needed to live fulfilling lives.

Master Dwayne Eaddy is committed to our community. Our school actively participates in our community through civic involvement
and fund raisers for local charities. Being a martial artist is more then just learning to defend yourself, it is also about helping yourself and
others to be better people.

Most importantly, the school has built a family atmosphere where Self-Discipline, Leadership, Confidence, Self Defense, Goal Setting and
Fitness are all part of the benefits of our training.

Our children are the leaders of tomorrow and our Adults and Instructors are the role models of today.

Enroll today and join the path to Excellence.

Dwayne Eaddy
Chief Instructor American Hiep Tinh Mon Karate System
World Martial Arts Training Center
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